National Partnership for Community Leadership (NPCL)

Facilitators Certification Training: YOUNG MOTHERS AND PARENTING

This one and half-day (1½) facilitators certification training session is designed to increase the capacity of agencies and individuals to effectively implement training sessions and support groups for mothers. A main focus of the certification training is the successful implementation of the NPCL Young Mothers and Parenting Curriculum. The curriculum addresses the real experiences and challenges of young mothers through 4 Modules (Personal Development; Life Skills; Responsible Parenting; Healthy Relationships) and is covered in 18 streetwise sessions that provide support, information and motivation in areas of parenthood and relationships. The curriculum emphasizes the use of experiential techniques when providing training sessions with mothers. The training session is interactive and includes the following topics:

Day 1

Overview of Curriculum and Learning Objectives

Pre & Post Assessment Procedures

The Curriculum Learning Theory and Use of Experiential Learning Techniques

Facilitation Techniques

Choosing Right Sessions

Day 2

Curriculum Modeling

Curriculum Practice Sessions

Participants in the training receive the curriculum, a pre and post assessment package, and 3 year facilitators training certificate. (Costs $1500)